Life Enrichment

Womand and elderly man celebrating at a party

The TLRC Life Enrichment Team has taken the three Bs – BINGO, Bible study and Bus rides – to new horizons. All programming is planned with the residents’ input and is continually based on what is in our residents’ best interests and desires. Numerous activities are offered to satisfy a variety of interests. Bus rides lead to great adventures near and far, including fishing trips, fun afternoons at the beach and picnic lunch adventures to the Mt. Rainier Scenic Railroad, to name a few.

Cooking in our resident kitchen, creating beautiful art and enjoying a variety of entertainment, including string bands, professional dancers from around the world, and so much more are some of the many events to enjoy.

Pet Therapy

Elderly woman holding and petting a dog

TLRC believes in the power of our Pet Therapy Program. In recent years, Pet Therapy has become an accepted way to increase socialization and relieve anxiety, stress, and pain among long-term care residents. Studies have shown significant increases in verbal interaction when pets are present. Animal visits also trigger memories. Often, animals are able to reach patients who are depressed or isolated, even when human interaction does not seem to have much affect. At TLRC, we love our pets as family and welcome pets of residents and families, following a review of medical records and assessment for safety.