Garden and Art Center

Tacoma Lutheran offers some truly unique amenities but the Edwards Plaza, Arneklev Gardens and the Chihuly Family Art Center is definitely a high-light beyond anything else you will find in a retirement community.

The Edwards Plaza offers places to sit and reflect, share stories around a gas fire-pit, and enjoy elements of art along a winding path of discovery. A 20’ tall metal tree with a large nest and eagle offer a place of solitude for reading and reflection, while a living dining table is nearby with water flowing down the center of a garden of succulents into a bowl of blue glass. Exploration along the path has something of interest for everyone. Built in the outdoors, environmental growth and the visiting wildlife enhance the experience with every journey.

The Arneklev Garden includes numerous concrete garden boxes built at various heights to meet everyone’s desires and abilities. Each box has been designated to be cared for by residents on our campus, thus each is uniquely beautiful through the creation of its gardener.

red bridgeA place of new experiences and discovery of new talents is behind the doors of the Chihuly Family Art Center. With a fully equipped woodworking shop, textile, ceramic and painting studio, this art center offers something for everyone to learn, grow and create.

Our senior artists have the opportunity to display their creations along side the creations of renowned artists Dale Chihuly and Brian Olson. Someone once said that the earth without art is just “eh.” We couldn’t agree more!