Wellness & Aquatic Center

Woman swimmingThe Emerson Wellness & Clark Aquatic Center

The Emerson Wellness & Clark Aquatic Center was designed and built to meet the needs of seniors who are seeking to live a healthier lifestyle in an environment conveniently located close to home. This facility, found on the east side of the campus, is the first “green” wellness and aquatic center in Pierce County and maybe beyond. It received a Silver certification from the U.S. Green Building Council in the LEED Green Building System and was verified by the Green Building Certification Institute in May 2010.

The Emerson Wellness & Clark Aquatic Center offers a saltwater pool and spa, gym and aerobic studio. A saltwater pool and spa are much gentler on the skin, does not discolor swimwear and will not change your hair color. The pool is equipped with an optional generated current for lap swimming as well as hand railings on each side to provide physical support for water exercise. Water exercise is an excellent, low-impact way to improve strength and flexibility for seniors.

High-tech exercise equipment is geared towards enhancing the physical needs of seniors. From a steady stride on the treadmill to a long reach on a stretching machine or an opportunity to lift weights from the seat of a wheelchair, the gym offers something to improve everyone’s abilities. A variety of classes are offered such as Cardio & Core, Strength & Balance, Pilates, and Yoga, all of the fitness essentials to sustain our efforts to encourage seniors to live well. The residents’ energy and enthusiasm for healthy living fills the Wellness and Aquatic Center six days a week!