Rehabilitation Therapy

Residents exercisingTacoma Lutheran Retirement Community has one of the largest senior therapy gyms in the
Pacific Northwest. Our gym is complete with high-tech therapy equipment, as well as a homelike setting including a full kitchen, bathroom and bedroom. This environment
allows therapy staff to better train and prepare our rehabilitation clients to return to their prior living situations or their highest level of functioning.

Many specialized modalities to enhance our rehabilitation services are offered at TLRC. Often, patients who have not responded to conventional therapeutic interventions can benefit from the application of ultrasound, electrical stimulation or Short-Wave Diathermy, in conjunction with a comprehensive therapy plan. These therapeutic modalities are recognized by insurance programs, including Medicare, for reimbursement when utilized to achieve functional goals such as improving the ability to walk, returning to leisure activities, or improving the ability to perform activities of daily living. Research has found these modalities to be effective in decreasing musculoskeletal pain, enhancing wound healing, retraining muscles after neurological damage, improving the flexibility of muscle and connective tissue, and improving muscle strength. The rehabilitation team is offering these services as appropriate to both inpatients and outpatients. With these services, many people have achieved success far beyond their expectations.