Technology Rehab Center

Staff looking at TV MonitorThe TLRC Tech Rehab Center has an array of exercise and therapy options to ignite everyone’s interest and abilities. Affordable technology, often found in your own home, such as the Nintendo Wii is used for many eye-hand coordination exercises as well as balance exercises with use of the Wii Balance Board. We also utilize the XBOX 360 for similar exercise programs. These systems support both individual and group therapy activities.

A more advanced system frequently utilized is the OMNI VR Virtual Rehabilitation System. This virtual rehabilitation system is designed specifically for seniors and those with more medically complex conditions. This easy-to-use system recreates the client’s movements and captures exercise performance in a computer-based environment for greater motivation and outcomes.

Research has shown that treatment outcomes generated by virtual reality rehabilitation can match or exceed those from real-world activities and exercises. TLRC was the first rehab facility in the United States to have an OMNI VR in operation and second in the world!

We also utilize multiple It’s Never 2 Late (IN2L) systems and Dakim Brain Fitness. IN2L addresses the need for individualized, accessible engagement that enhances function, memory and quality of life. Using the IN2L system helps sustain treatment for longer periods of time while keeping seniors engaged. A senior can take a virtual bike ride through the mountains using either foot pedals or hand pedals while listening to their favorite music. Seniors utilizing the IN2L system enjoy the programs so much, they often don’t realize it’s therapeutic!

The Dakim Brain Fitness system offers popular mind exercise programs designed for those who wish to keep their brain sharp. It engages not only the mind, but eye-hand coordination as well with simple touchscreen technology. This system is also available for use through our Life Enrichment Department.

Utilizing technology in therapy has endless possibilities. People experiencing services in the Technology Rehabilitation Suite enjoy the fun, interaction and the results!

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