Rehabilitate, Re-Evaluate, Revive with our Therapy Services

Resident ExercisingThe Donald Emerson Therapy & Rehabilitation Therapy gym is one of the largest in the Pacific Northwest. It includes not only exercise and therapy equipment, but also a homelike environment to include a full kitchen, bathroom and bedroom. This setting allows the client to prepare for a safer, better-equipped return home.

TLRC also offers a Senior Technology Rehabilitation Center. This area of Therapy/Rehab Services is equipped with the most up-to-date technology to support progressive therapy and rehabilitative care. People find their technological therapy sessions to be so much fun, they are not even aware that it’s really therapy!Courtyard Picture



Another unique feature to our therapy service is an outdoor therapy courtyard. Learning to walk again on vinyl and carpet are typical in any health care facility, but at TLRC, we know there is life beyond our doors. Our therapy courtyard offers various ground surfaces you would typically encounter in your daily travels. A gravel path, a stone walkway, grass and concrete surfaces as well as a deck and stairs are included in this setting.

Physical, occupational, speech and swallow therapy services as well as ultrasound, electrical stimulation or Short-Wave Diathermy to aid in pain relief are all available. These services are offered throughout our campus and on an outpatient basis as well. All you need is a physician’s order and we will help facilitate the details. Call for a free screening and more information about how our therapy team can help you.