TLRC Home Innovations

The TLRC Home Innovations

Woman playing on tabletWhere people find solutions for safer, longer and active independent living.

At TLRC, we have incorporated various innovations into our home-like therapy suite. These innovations allow seniors the opportunity to explore and experience various products that may encourage or support a safer and possibly more active lifestyle as well as enabling a senior to live independently within their own home longer. We believe that introducing our seniors to products that are available to them will encourage interest.  Allowing a senior to experience the use of a swivel seat, talking measuring cup or a couch cane, allows the senior to determine quickly and easily if the product would be beneficial to them. 

Through our efforts, we hope to reduce the incidence of injuries and exacerbations of medical conditions that often lead to expensive medical care and hospitalizations. We hope to help people establish healthier life-styles, live better and longer-at home!

Tacoma Lutheran is the first senior care provider in the area to embark on this type of project and the only one senior care provider we are aware of who provides this opportunity for seniors.

Anyone seeking resources to support a safer, independent, more active lifestyle is welcome to tour our Home Innovations in the TLRC Therapy suite. To schedule your tour please contact (253)284-7499.