Who We Are

Friends huggingOur Mission

“The Tacoma Lutheran Retirement Community exists to provide care in a Christ-centered environment in an atmosphere of respect and dignity for the whole person.”
– adopted 08/23/2005 by the Board of Governors

Our Vision

We will creatively and faithfully respond to changing needs, anticipating the desires of those who look to us in the future.

Our Core Values

Committed to our shared vision, three basic values guide us; values that exemplify the love of Christ and the life and faith of our sponsoring churches. They apply equally to the people we serve and to the people offering service, our staff and volunteers.

Every person has infinite worth. All residents, families, visitors, care providers, vendors, volunteers, and employees share this common dignity and have a right to be treated with respect.

Excellence is the standard of quality for all service and operations. Our residents, families, visitors, care providers, vendors, volunteers and employees have the right to expect universal commitment to excellence. Our standards and our performance must always reflect this commitment.

Every individual and organization is interdependent. Bringing people and organizations together fosters mutually beneficial relationships and collaborations that enhance our ability to serve.

Our Culture

We have a strong tradition of being responsive to people’s needs and expectations. Our history reflects consistent growth in our services and in the number of people we serve. This would not be the case unless we were providing services that were needed by our customers and delivered in a quality manner.

Our residents are the focus of everything we do, the sole reason for our existence as an organization. As we direct our efforts to help people improve the quality of their lives, we must be attuned to the needs and expectations they bring us. Everything we do, from management and supervision to direct services and support, is defined in relation to its impact on the people who come to us for help.